Scene-Snippet Sunday–Frenchmen Street

Happy Sunday!

I keep trying to get back to my blogging schedule, but really, I will try this week. Tomorrow, we’ll have our regular Reader’s Choice giveaway and I’ll announce last week’s winner.

In the meantime, I’m working on FRENCHMEN STREET, the next book involving the Sentinels of New Orleans characters, the first of a spinoff series I’m tentatively calling The Battle for New Orleans. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know my publisher has opted not to continue the series, and rather than write a quick ending and kill off the series, I plan to begin a spinoff series that will pick up shortly after BELLE CHASSE left off.

Want a snippet? Here ya go!

My initial hint that the Krewe of Iris parade had gone amiss was when the first high school marching band rounded the corner from Napoleon Avenue, its young musicians fast-stepping onto St. Charles Avenue with rounded eyes and a frantic attempt to up-tempo “When the Saints Come Marching In” to match their pace.

Trotting behind them was a herd of a dozen or so unicorns. Not horses with fake horns. Not a float with unicorns created in bright papier-mâché on the sides. Unicorns with hooves like dinner plates, razor-sharp white or black horns, and madness in their bright green eyes.

My gaze met that of the man riding a particularly evil-looking unicorn in back of the herd. He trotted up to me and had his unicorn bow, its white horn inches from my face.

“Game on, Drusilla Jaco,” said Florian, Faerie Prince of Summer and self-proclaimed King of the Fae. 

Finally–the world of the Sentinels comes to Mardi Gras! New series or old, DJ will have her hands full. Because as we all know, faeries is crazy. Here’s an old, old song to entertain you.

Have a peaceful Sunday and see you tomorrow for Reader’s Choice!


Wild Card Reader’s Choice Giveaway–You Pick! (and Weekly Winners)

Sorry I’m a day late with this…been plagued by insomnia the last week, was up very late Sunday finishing up a book proposal, and ended up sleeping most of Monday away!

First off, here are last week’s giveaway winners. Contact me via my contact tab above or emailing me at suzannej3523 at gmail.

BONNIE G has won a copy of Alexandra Rushe’s debut fantasy, A MEDDLE OF WIZARDS! Let me know if you prefer digital or print and where to send.

CORTNEY won last week’s Reader’s Choice and selected Michelle Rowan’s Bloodlust. If you’d prefer a different book up to $15US, just let me know, as well as format.


So….this is an odd Reader’s Choice week because, well, I didn’t find any new releases for the week that really struck my fancy, or else I missed them. SOOOO, enter for any book of your choice up to $15US by telling me what you’re reading now–and if you’re liking it. i would tell you what I’m reading but it’s a contest entry that I’m judging so if I told you, I’d have to send you to swim with the fishes. 🙂

I’ll announce the winner on next Monday, and you can tell me then what you’d like me to send you.