From the ROYAL STREET Playlist—And Did You Win a Contest This Week?

Happy Sunday!
Today, from my Royal Street playlist, I’d like to share a holiday song from New Orleans’ own Aaron Neville called “Louisiana Christmas Day.” So, here’s my Aaron Neville story. I had gone down to the French Quarter a number of years ago and had some time to kill, so I decided to walk over to the Tower Records store on Decatur Street (which “ain’t dere no more,” as the locals would say). It was raining. Just as I was walking in the door, this huge guy came barreling out and we had a major collision. We apologized, and I looked up and almost swallowed my tongue because, yep, it was Aaron Neville. That’s it, nothing more exciting than that, but it’s my story–LOL.

Now, on to the business of the day. Did you win a prize last week? Here are our weekly winners.

Email me at with your snail-mail info if you see your name.

Congrats to VAN PHAM for winning the Zombie Repellent Soap.

Congrats to AMBER HUGHES for winning werewolf day—she picked the “animalistic” werewolf soap J

Congrats to JENNIFER C for winning Ellie James’ Shattered Dreams.

Congrats to STACIE D for winning this week’s Reader’s Choice: She chose Slade by Sarah McCarty.

That’s it for this week–check back tomorrow for a new Reader’s Choice contest!