Cover Gallery–Which is your Favorite?

So, I was digging through files last night and found my “book covers” folder. They’re put together here in random order, but ROYAL STREET started it all in April 2012, followed in June 2012 by REDEMPTION. And on it goes. What will be next? The official release of a revised JACKSON SQUARE featuring our favorite pirate, perhaps? I can tell you that DOGTOWN is out of print but will be revised and re-released with a new cover in October.

So, what’s your favorite?

In My Other Life: An Interview

First off, thoughts and prayers to those along the east coasts of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas as Hurricane Matthew grinds his way northward…then eastward…then southward…and then maybe westward again. Stay safe!

You hear me blither about the day job a lot. Here I am, in my other life; click to read. Have a great weekend!

Ask the expert: Magazine editor Suzanne Johnson